CEO Message

Mr. Ataolah Ayatolahi

CEO Message
It is a pleasure for me to be able to address our English-speaking clients. I believe that Bank Karafarin has managed to establish a good name for itself in the banking system and the business community; its most valuable assets are its  potentials in terms of its young human resources, its professional management and the fact of being privately owned.  We must, therefore, farther ahead, bank on these assets and aim at new horizons and make even better use of our achievements.     
God willing, our intention is to preserve our momentum and dynamism on the basis of more ambitious projections and guidelines and exploitation of new technologies. We must be objective and our strategies should be first and foremost based on trust in our human capital. We will have to be flexible in a volatile international environment. We must remain abreast of opportunities and avoid pitfalls.
We are grateful to our clients for the confidence they have placed upon our institution. All our colleagues in the bank unanimously believe that our success resides in the satisfaction of   our clients and also all the other interested parties.
It is our responsibility to preserve the good name of  Bank Karafarin and we will have to keep its sound structure. Simultaneously,  our intention is to expand our share of the market, but also to continue to create new values and remain progressive and technologically up to date.