Investment Banking

Carring on economic and technical feasibility studies

The Investment Department operations under the immediate supervision of the Bank's Deputy managing director- Investments. The Department comprises of three divisions:

  • Portfolio management and investment services
  • Management of investments and participations
  • Financing and advisory services

Portfolio Management and Investment Services

The principal activities of this division over the 2011-2012 reporting period include the following.

  • Conducting technical and fundamental analyses of company shares listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE) and providing recommendations for the  optimisation of the Bank's investment portfolio.
  • Engaging in daily risk-return reviews of the Bank's portfolio of TSE investments and developing proposals for the improvement of its efficiency.
  • Participating in investee companies’ annual general meetings to present and argue for positions that are consistent with the Bank’s business interests.
  • Conducting in-house analyses and reviews of proposals and recommendations received from prospective investee companies for purposes of the Bank's investment decision making processes.

Management of Investments and Participations

The main activities of this division entail the following.

  • Conducting analyses and reviews of participation projects referred to the Bank in order to assess their projected risks and returns.
  • Monitoring the performance of the Bank's affiliated companies and its investment funds and developing recommendations for improvements in their operating processes.
  • Exercising governance over affiliated companies in respect to the development of strategic plans and ensuring their consistency with the Bank's overarching objectives.