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Karafarin Bank was initially established as Karafarinan Credit Institution. It is the first truly privately-owned bank in Iran established since the 1979 Revolution.
Its shareholders are among the leading industrialists and contractors in Iran. Many of them are members of the Association of Industrial Managers of Iran, Association of Construction Engineers of Iran, Association of Utility Engineers, and Consulting Engineers and Architects.
Karafarin Insurance Company Manager :A.Zarrabi
Karafarin Leasing Company Manager :H. Movaffaghi
Karafarin Bank Investment Company Manager : Gh. Kiani
Karafarin Bank Brokerage Company Acting Manager: L. Majidi
Asre Amin karafarin Company Manager :A.Zarhani
karafarin Exchange Company
karafarin Anbiegostar Construction Company Manager : Forouhesh