Iran's doing business index to improve

Tehran Times – In its latest report on easing doing business index, the World Bank has put Iran at the position of 120 among 190 countries.

Dr. Hossein Mirshojaeian, the deputy finance and economic affairs minister, is of the opinion that submitting precise data and information by the country to the World Bank and also changing specific methodologies have contributed to the improvement.

In an exclusive interview with the Tehran Times on October 4, he said the country’s rank has been 152 some four years ago but has climbed by 32 places to stand at 120 now.

 “It’s 3-4 years that we have been following promotion of the country’s doing business rank and it is an agenda for the ministry in this year as Iran’s doing business rank is planned to rise 10 places each year according to the country’s Six Five-Year National Development Plan (2016-2021)”, the official announced.

 “Over the past four years, we have submitted four reports to different teams of the World Bank in each year and filled out their questionnaires as well.  After nine years we could hold a video conference with them this year and they discussed on every single factor related to doing business index”, he further explained.

 “We are working continuously with the World Bank’s teams and submitting them their required data and filling in their questionnaires. And we should follow and conduct this process every year, submitting new data, reports on the latest performances of our organizations and other information”, he added.

 “Promotion of rank is a hard job and some serious determination is required for such achievement. “We should make our most effort in this due”, the deputy minister commented.

Date : Monday 9 October 2017 / Subject : Economic News - International News / Source : Tehran Times