Iran Housing Rent Index Grows

Financial Tribune – The Central Bank of Iran has released its latest report on the index of housing rent across the country for the fourth quarter of the previous fiscal year (ended March 20, 2018), which shows an increase in all categories.

According to the report published on the regulator’s official website, the housing rent index for Iran’s urban areas reached 112.6 during the aforementioned period, which was 2.7% and 9.3% higher when compared with the previous quarter and the corresponding period of the year before.

The index stood at 104.5, 106.3 and 109.6 during the first three quarters of the previous fiscal year respectively, bringing the average index of the year to 108.3.

The average housing rent index for the whole of fiscal 2017-18 grew by 8.3% compared with the average of the year before, which was 100.0.

Date : Sunday 13 May 2018 / Subject : Economic News / Source : Financial Tribune