Iran to Launch Mobile Bank in Near Future

IBENA – Iran's Head of Private Banks Association expresses hope that Mobile Bank will be launched in near future by the removal of restrictions and there won't need to be present in a bank's branch.

Speaking to reporters in Iran's Third International Transaction Exhibition's press conference, Kourosh Parviziyan, Association of Private Banks' Head, pointed to the Association of Private Banks' support from the exhibition, saying "the event will be held by Association of Private Banks' support to help to localize payment services."

He noted that in this exhibition, some topics such as fintechs, startups, decrease of physical payment cost, increase in services access and some activities relevant to environment and avoidance of commuting will be discussed.

Parviziyan made the remarks that Iran's financial network has created the capacity of using new technologies into the network, while in some banks in the world customers do banking operations electronically, but in Iran there are some restrictions and it is expected that by the removal of them, Mobile Bank will be run in near future to delete physical presence in banks' branches.

"In 20-Year Vision Document, Iran is considered as a pioneer country and also financial industry and payment area are considerable debates in the document", Iran's Head of Private Banks Association said.

Date : Monday 9 October 2017 / Subject : Banking System News / Source : IBENA